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Room for Improvement

If you’re getting ready to sell your house, you may not have extra cash to spend on home improvements. But some basic improvements can be inexpensive, and the results are worth it. Minor upgrades, such as painting the living room or changing the hardware on kitchen cabinets, can make a house much more attractive. Consider these simple ideas from Frontdoor.com and HGTV.

Yard Sale When buyers pull up to your home, the first thing they’ll notice is the front yard. Improve your home’s curb appeal by brightening it with flowers. Place ceramic pots with colorful blooms on either side of the front door for a warm welcome. If the front door looks worn from the elements, spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint.

See the Light Proper lighting can help make your home more inviting and comfortable to buyers visiting your home. Assess the ambience to determine where there could be more, less, softer, or stronger light. For instance, kitchens often have useless dark spaces under cabinets. Consider installing under-cabinet lighting, which will brighten up cooking space while adding a dramatic effect to the kitchen.

Brush Up A new coat of paint can change the entire look and feel of a room. Choose neutral colors that appeal to a wide range of tastes and easily blend with many styles of home décor. Neutral color schemes also allow buyers to envision their own personal style in a new home. Consider beige, light gray or bone white to create a warm and comfortable living space.

Gadget Recycling

Want to get rid of an old computer and reduce your carbon footprint? Recycling old electronics can reduce waste and ensure that obsolete devices get put to good use. It’s easier than you think.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only one-fourth of plastic and metal electronics that could be recycled are brought to a recycling facility. The easiest and most effective way to recycle unwanted electronics is to drop them off at a recycling center in your community. To find a location near you, check www.greenergadgets.org or www.epa.gov. The EPA site lists local programs as well as manufacturing and retail companies that accept recyclable electronics.

Consider local stores, too. Some electronics retailers and manufacturers, such as Best Buy, Kodak and Hewlett-Packard, offer trade-ins, cash or charitable donations in exchange for old devices. Office Depot, Staples, Verizon Wireless and AT&T also accept recyclable devices. Be sure to check each company’s website for guidelines and procedures before dropping off a recycled product.

Fast Fact >>> >>>> Appliances and electronics account for 30 percent of a household’s energy consumption.

Playing House

Moving or renovating your home can be stressful, and it’s easy to get caught up in the details. But don’t overlook your kids, who may be feeling stressed about the pending move. Getting the whole family involved and teaching kids about the moving process can help them understand what’s happening and ensure a smoother, less stressful transition.

For starters, ask children to draw a house, inside and out. This can help you see how they envision their living space — and provide insight about  what’s important to them in a home.

Engaging kids with real-estate-related games, books and art projects can help them understand the process of buying a new home and moving.

Coloring books can be downloaded and printed from sites such as Hellokids.com. Computer games, such as Real Estate Tycoon, can teach kids about property value. The game challenges players to buy and sell houses while they make a virtual profit from their investments. Parents can draw real-life buying and selling experience from this game to explain to children the value of home pricing.

Did You Know >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>  In the mid-1800s, German Phillip Griebel popularized ceramic garden gnomes based on a myth that gnomes helped in the garden at night and scared thieves away.

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