Present and Past Newsletters

All kinds of information for buyers and sellers to use in helping them with their Bluffton and Hilton Head area homes and properties. Here is where you can find newsletters dating back to approximately 2009. If you have any questions about any of the newsletters, please feel free to contact me. Enjoy!

Why We moved to Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, SC - A look back - 1 year later

July-August 2020 Newsletter - home office decor, safe and secure with security cameras, affordable improvements

May-June 2020 Newsletter - grooming your lawn, energy efficient ideas for the home, updates that can increase your home's value

March-April 2020 Newsletter - purchasing a new A/C unit, home improvement 101 - when to DIY and when to hire a professional and get permits

January 2020 Ways to Make Home Eco-Friendly - go green and lower energy bills, change HVAC filter, open the vents, turn off the lights

January 2020 Resolution to Declutter - time to declutter and reorganize, office and more, reorganizing kitchen, bath, closets 

January 2020 Post Holiday Decor Ideas - no place like home, get colorful, let sunshine in, plants, plants, warm it up

November-December 2019 Newsletter - saving $ remodeling bathroom, plan ahead, don't mess with pipes, tidying your garage, finishing your basement

September-October 2019 Newsletter - show off home's potential, brighten up the place, staging towards first-time buyers, professionals, cold weather prep

July-August 2019 Newsletter - new buyer beware - a few important financial warnings, tips for Millennial investors, checklist for new homeowners

May-June 2019 Newsletter - open house evaluations - 5 red flags, don't sweat the sale, pros and cons of virtual staging

March-April 2019 Newsletter - 3 steps to effective decluttering, the home of tomorrow with all its gadgets, making the most of a small-ish kitchen

January-February 2019 Newsletter - current kitchen trends, features that might be a waste of money, hiding messes while selling a home

November-December 2018 Newsletter - maintaining your home during winter season, taking security precautions, selling your home during the holidays

September-October 2018 Newsletter - forgotten costs of the buying and moving process, energy costs, pre-listing list

Sellers' Remorse - a great article written in its entirety by my daughter, Elisabeth after she sold her 1st home. What is it? How do you deal with it?

July-August 2018 Newsletter - new design trends in the kitchen, distinct advantages to buying in the summer time, remember do the smaller chores

May-June 2018 Newsletter - Garage storage mistakes, 5 DIY tips, small flaws can be a big deal

March-April 2018 Newsletter - Home care myths (this one's good), the 10-year fix, and the good, bad and ugly on mold

January-February 2018 Newsletter - The home colors of 2018, 5 things buyers should never compromise on, when selling little things mean a lot

November-December 2017 Newsletter - Pre-listing checklist, don't get scammed while doing home renovations, home care mistakes

September-October 2017 Newsletter - Decluttering, Save by Saving - energy efficiency, To DIY or Not to DIY?

July-August 2017 Newsletter - Appreciation, misconceptions about homeowners insurance, trouble-free moving

May-June 2017 Newsletter - ROI (return on investment) is King, porch or deck, safer selling

March-April 2017 Newsletter - Spring equals allergies - some fixes, Early Birds get the worm - Seller's market, easy Spring home fixes

January-February 2017 Newsletter - When the Seller is the owner, When to Appeal Appraisal, Winter Whites

November-December 2016 Newsletter - Home Gadget Gifts, Tips for Tipping, Smart Moves - move-in-ready

September-October 2016 Newsletter - fall fixes - a good time for fall maintenance, Trend Report - many homeowners are remodeling with ROI in mind

July-August 2016 Newsletter - top 10 trendiest home features, moving to a new neighborhood, energy audit math

May-June 2016 Newsletter - making better use of your outdoor space, tapping into your home equity, summer security

March-April 2016 Newsletter - super-sized kitchens, rental patience, hardwood flooring

January-February 2016 Newsletter - accessorizing your home, no more closing surprises at the closing table, setting up a workspace at home

November-December 2015 Newsletter - Holiday season and online shopping, winter home curb appeal, taking care of your furry friend during the holidays

September-October 2015 Newsletter - Setting up an emergency fund, poison control - several tips, shopping for green - energy efficiency

July-August 2015 Newsletter - Return on improvements, focusing on water sense - water efficiency, exterior locks and protection

May-June 2015 Newsletter - Ultimate backyard, natural landscaping, security systems

March-April 2015 Newsletter - Return on Investment, remodeling and replacement projects, using Internet for home searches, home designs

January-February 2015 Newsletter - Financing your first home, freshening up your home's interior design, seeking Smart Homes

November-December Newsletter - Tips, Trends for homeowners, buyers and sellers, holiday staging, HVAC, heart-healthy neighborhoods

September-October 2014 Newsletter - Making your home look fresh; fall tune-up checklist inside and out; best places for Millennials

July-August 2014 Newsletter - Permits in NC; Great outdoors - camping affordability; Cleaning House - spruce up your house, prepare for fall; Moving Experience - make a plan

May-June 2014 Newsletter - Conserving energy - program your thermostat; Celebrations - summer is here; Renting a vacation house -- what do do

March-April 2014 Newsletter - Spring and allergies - get relief in every room of your home; learning how to be green when you are ready to renovate your home

January 2014 Newsletter - Winter to do list - home maintenance, tangled extension cords, power strips galore, conserve energy and save money

December 2013 Newsletter - Hiring a reliable real estate agent, Price property to sell, Motivated buyers, Identify Theft Resource Center

November 2013 Newsletter - Protecting your home from winter's woes, decking the halls, but not too festive for potential buyers, need a little more light in your home

October 2013 Newsletter - Design do's/don'ts, new rules regarding reverse mortgages, using alternate home heating sources

September 2013 Newsletter - Clean carpets for potential buyers, need new indoor furniture, homebuying Phone apps

August 2013 Newsletter - Kid-friendly moving tips, what about the contaminants in your home, differences between younger buyer vs older buyers

July 2013 Newsletter - Securely protecting your home's locks, readying your home for an open house, keeping cool

June 2013 Newsletter - Landscaping & curb appeal, new homeowner DIY tips, keeping your grass looking great

May 2013 Newsletter - Low-cost Kitchen improvements, entertaining outside,  choosing a Moving company

April 2013 Newsletter - What homebuyers want, making your home look and smell great, window cleaning tips

March 2013 Newsletter - Home curb appeal, home looks and smells great, house-cleaning and maintenance

February 2013 Newsletter - Painting the inside of your home, moving to another city - relocation costs, moving with a pet

January 2013 Newsletter - New Year's resolutions, hiring a maid, Smartphone remotes

December 2012 Newsletter - Winter selling tips, must-have kitchen gadets, holiday tipping

November 2012 Newsletter - Updating your bathroom, Readying your home for a new season, Hosting houseguests during holidays

October 2012 Newsletter -  Choosing to live in your homes longer, shaping up at home, replacing old appliances?

September 2012 Newsletter - Home inspections - key part of closing deal, thinking about water conservation, having your chimney checked

August 2012 Newsletter - Finding a qualified contractor, rentals, drought created breeding ground for bests

July 2012 Newsletter - Investing in second homes, controlling noise levels in homes, playing zones

June 2012 Newsletter - Gardens, Staging, and making your home space efficient

May 2012 Newsletter - Creating a kitchen pantry, building outdoor living space, pricing it right

April 2012 Newsletter - Green buying tips, a better use of space, enjoy a worry-free vacation

March 2012 Newsletter - Preparing your home for sale through inexpensive improvements, Gadget Recycling, getting children involved in a move

February 2012 Newsletter - Choosing the right neighborhood, reducing your debt and homeownership

January 2012 Newsletter - Making sense on upgrades to get the best ROI, cost effective way to increase security and save energy

December 2011 Newsletter - Searching for a home, shopping for bargain buys, decorating trends for 2012

November 2011 Newsletter - Can't be too save when allowing buyers through during an open house; tips on how to save for a down payment

October 2011 Newsletter - Fighting the flu bug, no regrets about homeownership, readying your home for winter

September 2011 Newsletter - Maintaining your lawn, makeover your garage, fixing plumbing leaks

August 2011 Newsletter - Getting organized for a stress free move, germ hotspots, people and their pets

July 2011 Newsletter - Talking to a lender, remodeling your kitchen, choosing fencing materials

June 2011 Newsletter -  Preparing your home for sale, checking your home out during final walk-thru, reducing energy use

May 2011 Newsletter - Grilling, growing your own vegetable garden, living in a walkable, mixed-use community

April 2011 Newsletter - Considering remodeling your home - know your contractual obligations, gardening, considering hardwood vs carpet

March 2011 Newsletter - Installing home security, estimating value of your home, maintaining home's curb appeal

February 2011 Newsletter - Finding the right home style for you, owning your own home, cramming on your phone bill

January 2011 Newsletter - Tidy-ing up after the holidays, choosing decor for the baby's room, thinking about remodeling

December 2010 Newsletter - Child-proofing for the holidays, homeownership for the long term, Get acquainted with your neighbors

November 2010 Newsletter - Planning your wall space, checking for identify theft, keeping electrical maintenance

October 2010 Newsletter - Struggling to pay the mortgage, planning a home theater, commuting options from new home

September 2010 Newsletter - Setting up a computer network, adhering to local building codes, looking for prep space in kitchen

August 2010 Newsletter - Kitchen design trends, looking for space, no regrets purchasing a home, bicycling

July 2010 Newsletter - Reinforcing condo's rules & regulations, creating a no-frills retreat - your home, making your home greener

June 2010 Newsletter - Considering a move to a new city, checking your home insurance checklist, choosing home's exterior color

May 2010 Newsletter - Moving from one home to another, sprucing up the cabinets, using visual tours when selling

April 2010 Newsletter - Managing your Finances, renovating kitchen and baths, pet-friendly remodeling ideas

March 2010 Newsletter - Choosing colors in your home, high-tech apps for selling your home; deducting home expenses at tax time

February 2010 Newsletter - Remodeling your home

January 2010 Newsletter - Creating a household budget, creating storage space, home maintenance schedule

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