Shame on you Harris Teeter! I have shopped at Plantation Market store for 16.5 years. Today, I bought $50.00 worth of groceries SPECIFICALLY so that I could use this week's Publix gas card coupon (because if you buy a gas card from Harris Teeter, and you give them a current Publix gas card coupon, instead of paying $50.00 for gas, you pay $30.00 for a gas card) that I printed from the online coupons (because, you see, I do not get coupons any other way, online is now and the future.) I check-out, with the same group of ladies that have been there almost as long as I've been going there - WHAT? And they are forced to tell me I can't use the online coupon I printed out (while the manager is over behind closed doors - he tells them to tell me I can't use it. I really feel sorry for them). I have to now go across the street, in the pouring rain, to get a REAL Publix store circular, and bring it back - AND oh, BTW, if I leave Harris Teeter after I have purchased my groceries, I'm NOT entitled to the coupon discount even if I bring the Publix circular back. WHAT? So, I leave my unpaid groceries sitting there, go get a coupon, come back, pay and as far as I'm concerned, I'm done with Harris Teeter. Such a little thing you, Harris Teeter, Kroger could do, is accept current online coupons for your customers/clients. It would go a long, long way. I am dismayed at how you are now operating!

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