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Living in Waxhaw, NC

Dating back to the 1770's, the Town of Waxhaw, located in Union County, takes its name from the Waxhaw Indians that settled in the area.

As of the 2010 Census, this vibrant and growing community had a population of 9,859.

Today this community (just like in bordering Weddington) is well-known for its spacious homes and large-size lots – as well as an active equestrian community.

Some Additional History About Waxhaw

Originally known as Wysacky, this community was settled by European-Americans during the mid-18th century.

This town was also home to Andrew Jackson, who was the seventh President of the United States.

When the railroad arrived in 1888, it really helped grow the community and solidify Waxhaw’s economic base.

The tracks were laid through the center of town in order to demonstrate the importance of the system to the town. Even today, the railroad remains in the center of town, bordered by grassy strips. A bridge over the railroad provides residents with a unique opportunity to enjoy the train.

Starting in the late 1800s, the community began growing its cotton mill factories and manufacturing textiles.

Cotton actually remained important to the region through the 1940s. But after World War II, the local economy started changing.

Today, Waxhaw is considered a great location for antique shopping and fine dining.

It’s also home to a number of historic buildings, which residents are passionate about preserving.

For instance, the Waxhaw Historic District is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Enjoy Quality Time with the Family in Waxhaw

Waxhaw enjoys lots of community spirit. Close commute to a large city, while having plenty of small town charm.

For instance, in the downtown area, there is a town park as well as a skate park for teenagers.

And nearby, Cane Creek Park attracts campers all year long. The park is also home to scenic areas as well as recreation activities.

The town of Waxhaw is also well-known for its major special events, such as its Fourth of July Parade and the Christmas Parade.

This community is also close to the headquarters of JAARS, which is a partner organization of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Public Education in Waxhaw

As with the rest of the county, Waxhaw is served by the Union County Public School system. Specifically, school-age children living here attend:

  • Kensington Elementary School
  • Sandy Ridge Elementary School
  • Waxhaw Elementary School
  • Western Union Elementary School
  • Newtown Elementary School
  • Rea View Elementary School
  • Wesley Chapel Elementary School
  • Marvin Elementary School
  • Marvin Ridge Middle School
  • Parkwood Middle school
  • Cuthbertson Middle School
  • Marvin Ridge High School
  • South Providence High School
  • Parkwood High School
  • Cuthbertson High School
  • Central Academy of Technology and Arts (CATA)

There are also a number of private schools in the immediate area, such as Arborbrook Christian Academy and Omni Montessori School.

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