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Are you up to date on all the benefits you're eligible to receive with your VA loan? This is one of the most advantageous home loans out there, so it's important to have a full understanding of everything you're eligible for with the VA loan. I'm here to help.

I'm a Military Relocation Professional

Over the course of my career in real estate, I have felt a strong pull to help active-duty and retired military members take full advantage of their benefits. In 2014, I officially earned the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) nationally recognized Military Relocation Professional Certification.

I have closed numerous VA loans through the years, and it has become very apparent to me that veterans and active service members, more often than not, do not take full advantage of their military benefits. It is equally important that the REALTOR® recommending a VA loan keeps up to date with the loan requirements, and uses a lender that does likewise, so we can find housing solutions that best meet the buyer’s needs.

Streamline Your Upcoming Relocation

There's an Easier Way to Relocate

When military families relocate, a real estate professional who understands their needs and timeframe can help make the move faster, easier, and less stressful. As a Military Relocation Professional, I can offer invaluable insight and advice to help military clients, both buying or selling, ensure the transaction is in their best interests.

Active-Duty and Retired Military Home Buyers

An Easier Way to Search for Homes

When helping buyers, I try to make the process as smooth as possible. Nowadays, most buyers search online first to decide which homes they would like to look at. Once the buyer has generated their list of homes, I try to show them as many as possible in a day, especially if the buyer needs to make a quick decision.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

As we view homes, I identify the buyer’s top three choices, eliminating those homes the buyer didn’t necessarily like. At the end of the day, we make an offer on the buyer’s top choice. If things don’t work out with that home, we go down the list to the buyer’s other two top choices.

Active-Duty and Retired Military Home Sellers

Stay on Top of Market Activity

When helping sellers, I regularly send out activity sheets of how their neighborhood activity is progressing—this keeps them apprised of the market, in case they must sell quickly. When the seller is ready to list their home, I always visit their property so I can evaluate the home and make recommendations as to what they can do to spruce it up before listing.

Staging Homes for Success

As a Staging Professional, I can also make suggestions as to what furniture sellers should rearrange or what areas need to be decluttered. These upfront preparations go a long way in helping sell the home as quickly as possible and for the best possible price. Selling a home quickly is a big benefit to sellers who need to get to their new location quickly. It also makes for a less stressful move.

Real Estate Resources & Tools

Whether you're buying or selling a home, feel free to use some of my complimentary home-buying and selling resources to make your relocation easier.

Your Military Relocation Specialist

Whether you are buying or selling, if you are a current or former military service member, I'd like to discuss your real estate needs! If you would like to find about how to apply for a VA loan, I have several great lenders that I work with that can help. Please give me a call at 704-443-8627 or contact me.